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Revolutionary War Paper Money

10 Different Notes.
From 1775 to 1779, the Continental Congress issued $241,552,780 worth of Continental Currency in eleven different printings. Because coins were so scarce during the American Revolution, these bills and the state issued notes were practically the only money in circulation. Anyone refusing refusing to accept the money was branded a traitor and a Tory. For 1½ years Continental Currency circulated at face value, but beginning in 1777 it steadily lost value until by 1780 it had declined to about 1/40th of its original buying power. Thus we have the familiar phrase, "Not worth a Continental". Some of the decline can be attributed to English sponsored and encouraged counterfeiting. Every denomination of Continental Currency has its own unique emblem and motto on the front. The back are decorated with nature prints of leaves. Beginning with the May 20, 1777 printing, the words on the front in the top and bottom borders were changed to read "United States" instead of "United Colonies".

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